In health tourism activities, there are many processes that need to be organised on behalf of our guests who request treatment. For the management and organisation of these processes, a meticulous and long work is carried out by our expert teams in the background.

4 Steps to Planning and Diagnosis


After you contact our health solution experts at WETERAT, we analyse which treatment our guest arriving in Turkey needs. The preliminary study is one of the most important steps of your health journey.


After the preliminary diagnosis, we make the preliminary preparations for your treatment programme by meeting with specialists specially determined for you. Each step is evaluated by specialised physicians and the most appropriate treatment method is decided.


As Hello global health services, we have made a preliminary diagnosis plan until this stage. Afterwards, we plan your trip with you according to your treatment and duration of treatment. After your online interview with our doctors, you are now ready to come to Türkiye.


Accommodation; In line with the requests of our guests, we plan the hotel and the region where they will stay by offering options from 4 and 5 star hotels.

Transfer services; Flight ticket transactions are carried out in line with the request of our guests. Our guests arriving in Turkey are welcomed by our health solutions specialists at the airport and left to their hotels for rest. On the day of treatment, they are taken from their hotels and taken to the relevant health centre. Our health solution specialists accompany you from the moment you arrive in Turkey until the end of your treatment and your return to your country.

Translation services; Our native language interpreters at Helloglobal International Healthcare accompany you throughout your trip until the end of your treatment and your return to your country.

Health Visa

In line with the request of our guest, a health visa is obtained when the following legal processes are completed and travelling to Turkey is facilitated.

– Health Visa Application
– Biometric photograph (.pdf) Digitally scanned biometric photographs of the patient and companion
– Official document issued by the hospital stating the need for treatment (.jpeg or .pdf)
– Air ticket reservation (.jpeg or .pdf)
– Hotel reservation (.jpeg or .pdf) In case the patient stays in the hospital during treatment; A document stating that the accommodation service will be provided by the hospital on the letterhead of the health institution will be accepted.
– Proof of income to cover treatment expenses (.jpeg or .pdf)
– Colourful and legible scanned images of the front and back of the passport (.jpeg or .pdf)
– Document showing the patient’s compulsory health or travel insurance
– A receipt showing that the treatment fee has been paid to the health institution in Türkiye.

"All our incoming guests are provided by Hello global health service and there is no extra charge."

Health Complications and Travel Insurance

Health Tourism Assurance (complication) Insurance is an insurance policy against post-operative complications. It is provided to all our guests by Hello global health service and there is no extra charge. Those who come to Turkey for health tourism purposes must have a health tourism accreditation certificate. The policy is valid for 6 months from the start date.

– There is a right to have a 1+1 policy for the tooth, that is, a second 6-month policy.
– Complications covered by the coverage are covered by the insurance company after treatment in the same institution.
– Other complications that may occur during surgery or damages that may occur as a result of malpractice and interventions and examinations required due to additional diseases of the insured are excluded from the coverage. Policies can be issued for persons between 5 and 75 years of age.

Types of Complications Insured

– Dental complications
– Eye complications
– Hair Transplant Complication
– Surgical Complications (including Caesarean section) (Excluding Organ Transplantation, ERCP)
– Complications of Cardiovascular Surgery.
– The costs of treatment of the complication with revision surgery or intervention are covered.
– Tests and medicines required for the medical procedure are also covered.
– Preoperative standard examinations required by the diagnosis and surgical intervention are paid.
– Diagnostic procedures and non-surgical medications, rehabilitation and physiotherapy expenses that may be required after surgery/intervention are not covered.
– Additional examinations and follow-up tests planned/required for other health problems not related to the initial surgery or revision surgery (such as serum insertion, supportive drug treatments, blood sugar, blood pressure regulation) are not covered by this policy.

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